N-side Project
„Polar GaN substrates with active N-side manufacturing and evaluation of its usefulness in epitaxy”

Programme Description

Applied Research Programme of the National Centre for Research and Development is a horizontal programme aimed at supporting the science sector and the industry sector within the scope of applied research in various scientific fields (programme path A) and industry branches (programme path B).

Project Goal

The goal of this project is to manufacture polar GaN substrates with active N-side and to evaluate its usefulness in epitaxy. Application of N-side is a new approach, since typically substrates have active Ga-side. Epitaxy on N-side, optimized morphology-wise, offers a number of advantages compared to widespread Ga-side epitaxy to name few, obtaining higher hole concentration in p-type layer increases efficiency of optoelectronic devices with N-polarity, and AlGaN layer is a natural energetic barrier facilitating better composition and localization of 2DEG in GaN channel. The abovementioned advantage and other, together with advantages of ammonothermal method (low dislocation density, high crystal curvature radius, scalability) may lead to generation of highly efficient optoelectronic and electronic devices.

Research Team

prof dr hab. Czesław
dr Henryk
dr inż. Grzegorz
dr inż. Marta
mgr Anna
dr Marcin


Project is carried out in collaboration with the following Partners:

Publications and Conference Contributions

Project is realized from 2017 to 2019

Project results have been published in:

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