IWN 2016


Session: Photodetectors, Photovoltaics, Intersubband II: Photovoltaics and Photodetectors II

Szymon Grzanka : Nitride Bhetavoltaic – Exploring the Concept

Session: Materials Characterization IV: Atomic Structure and Dislocation Effects and Late News

Anna Kafar : (Late News) Spontaneous and Stimulated Emission in InGaN Edge Emitters and Their Competition with Auger Processes

Session: Visible Devices IV: Visible Emitters: Alloy Disorder, Loss Mechanisms and Strain Engineering

Agata Bojarska : Is the Electron Blocking Layer Still Needed in Modern Designs of InGaN Laser Diodes

Session: Visible Devices VII: Light Emitters and Their Degradation

Anna Kafar : Nitride Superluminescent Diodes with Broadband Emission Spectra Realized by Step-Like Indium Profile

Agata Bojarska : (Late News) Factors Influencing InGaN Laser Diodes Degradation