Head of the Laboratory

Prof. Perlin Piotr


My phone number: +48 (22) 876-03-39
My fax number:     +48 (22) 876-03-14
E-mail: piotr@unipress.waw.pl


Piotr Perlin graduated from the Department of Physics, University of Warsaw in 1984. Since 1985 employed as a research associate in the Center for High Pressure Research of Polish Academy of Sciences. His early work focuses on phonons and structural phase transitions in gallium nitride, he cooperates closely with CNRS French groups in Paris and Montpellier.

1993 he gets his PhD degree from Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences
presenting the dissertation about: “Physical properties of GaN and AlN under high hydrostatic pressure".

1995-1997, employed by University of New Mexico USA as a „research associate" and   „senior research engineer”, studying the physics of GaN-based optoelectronic devices.
1997-1998, employed by University of California at Berkeley, studying the influence of internal electric fields on the properties of nitride based quantum structures.
Since 1999 in Center for High Pressure Research in Warsaw holding the position of an assistant professor and focusing his work on the development of blue laser diode based on gallium nitride.

2002 he receives his habilitation from Institute of Physics Polish Academy of Sciences.
Since 2003 associate professor in Center for High Pressure Research of Polish Academy of Sciences.

2010 he is rewarded a title of full professor of physics in the Institute of High Pressure Physics

also from 2001 till present holds a position of CTO at TopGaN Ltd, a company focusing on nitride lasers diodes.

Over 300 papers in the international scientific journal, Hirsch index 34.

Current scientific interest:
nitride based laser diodes, laser diode arrays, superluminescent diodes, physics carrier recombination in nitride quantum structures.